Thursday, March 19, 2009

17 March 2009 Letter

Everything is going well here.  Nights are a little shorter because my companion has to take a bunch of phone calls every night  so we don't always get to sleep on time because of that and we still have to plan.

Nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  We keep teaching this old guy named c[...] k[...], but he isn't really progressing.  He has serious word of wisdom issues and we always leave smelling like smoke[...].  We have been trying to get him to church, but we have to work through all his problems with members.  I wish everyone up here that said they were mormon would make choices in accordance with that because so many people have been offended or had bad experiences because of members.  They always judge the church on those experiences and not the good that is all around them.

I don't remember if i told you about E[...].  He has been taught by the missionaries for 4 years and just now finally accepted a baptism date for April 2.  We are really excited and he is too.  He said he had a dream a couple weeks ago where he was baptized and it just seemed right to do it.  I am glad he finally stopped being wishy washy and accepted this into his life.

Love, E[...] M[....]

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