Saturday, June 27, 2009

23 Jun 2009

When I was in Bountiful, Elder Anderson lived an 1/8 of a mile outside my area, along with Pres Uchdorf and Pres Eyring. I didn't see any of them while I was there.

This week I baptized K[...], our last progressing investigator at the time. It was nice doing that.

Then later that day we found a new investigator and gave her a baptismal date for July 11. She had "some questions" about the church like how could Joseph Smith see the face of God and not die and those other dumb questions. We answered her questions and the spirit was so strong she started crying and left the room. The fellowship came back in the room a couple minutes later and was way happy. She wanted to be baptized. Good experience.

Love, E[...] M[...]

16 June 2009

Yeah, I played the piano for the baptism last Saturday so I still get some use out of it. I also bought this Paul Cardall piano book that has arrangments of hymns that I have used for prelude. It's not hard except it always wants you to play the left hand in the treble clef or the bass clef an octave up and that confuses my brain sometimes.

Sarah said you wanted a "real letter" so here it is. I attached a picture of me eating a dragonfly.

We baptized a kid last Saturday. He had ADHD so he was very amusing to teach. A miracle that we found him though. He had already gone to church a bunch of times, wanted to be baptized, but was going back to his mom's house the next week. We talked to the bishop and he said he wanted him to be baptized asap, so we taught him every night that week and baptized him on Saturday. A crazy good miracle that we found him at that time and everything. It just shows that it's not just me working, I don't do much good, the Lord does all the real work.

Love, E[...] M[...]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

9 June 2009 Letter

Ok, so my comp has been in Washington Terrace his whole mission, and yes I'm senior.

Just keep the adaptor to the memory card so you can just send the micro chip back and forth and we won't have to worry about the adaptor.

A new stake--that sounds great. It just shows how much the Lord's work is progressing--the stone cut out of the mountain without hands that crushes everything. I'm glad our ward is the same, there isn't any ward up here quite like it.

The work up here is going great, slow at first, but we're working on it. When I got there only one person was preparing for baptism, and now there's 3. We didn't have any new investigators for the first two weeks, and not from lack of trying. Yesterday we knocked on a door the bishop told us to and committed the son for baptism right on the spot. This boy J[...] had gone to church all growing up until he was 8 and his parents were divorced and stopped attending church until the last few weeks. The Lord just handed us this one and I know He wouldn't have done that unless we were working like slaves. The area is turning around and we are steadily making progress.

Love, W[...]

2 June 2009 Letter

Dear Family,

[E W sent some beautiful photographs for Mother's Day. You'll see them when you visit our home] Yeah [the photographer] is from Bountiful. He is ranked #1 in the world for the kind of photography that he does.

So on Sunday I spoke in another sacrament meeting (its becoming a habit) and afterwards some people came up and talked to me. One of them was one of T[...]'s missionary companions and another was the N[...] who apparently had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa the night before.

It's weird being over only one stake, the Washington Terrace East stake. There is not as much going on, but I guess thats all right because we ride bikes.

My companion is a cool guy. He's from Washington and has only been out three months. We're making it all work out and the work is just increases since I made it into the area.

Love, E[...] M[...]