Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 June 2009 Letter

Dear Family,

[E W sent some beautiful photographs for Mother's Day. You'll see them when you visit our home] Yeah [the photographer] is from Bountiful. He is ranked #1 in the world for the kind of photography that he does.

So on Sunday I spoke in another sacrament meeting (its becoming a habit) and afterwards some people came up and talked to me. One of them was one of T[...]'s missionary companions and another was the N[...] who apparently had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa the night before.

It's weird being over only one stake, the Washington Terrace East stake. There is not as much going on, but I guess thats all right because we ride bikes.

My companion is a cool guy. He's from Washington and has only been out three months. We're making it all work out and the work is just increases since I made it into the area.

Love, E[...] M[...]

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