Saturday, May 30, 2009

24 May 2009 Member Letter

Dear Sis. M[...],

We live in one of the wards that your son is serving here in Bountiful. We wanted to let you know what a wonderful missionary son you have. We have enjoyed his visits to our home since he first arrived here on his mission. I have been able to work with him while serving as our ward mission leader and he has given us a lot of help and encouragement. We have also enjoyed hearing him play the piano in our home occasionally.

Today he and Elder E[...] spoke in our Sacrament meeting. They both did a wonderful, inspiring job. You would be very pleased to know that your son shared a very uplifting, spiritual, articulate testimony. I was proud of him. He told of the first time he read the Book of Mormon all the way through and finished New Year’s Eve, the year President Hinckley challenged us to do so. I had to smile because I was doing the same thing that night.

Early this morning our missionary coordination meeting ended early so they took advantage of the time by working on a piano/organ duet of
Praise to the Man. A counselor in our bishopric and I heard it and asked them if they wanted to play it in our sacrament meeting.

E[...] M[...] thinks that he may be transferred this week and this might be their last and only chance to perform it together. They did a wonderful job and the whole ward was touched and excited for them. Elder E[...] says it was the first time that he had ever played in public. It was great for our young men and women to see their great example of developing and sharing their talents. By the way, it was your son on the organ and he even used the foot pedals.

We pray that your son will stay with us a little longer, but we know that the Lord is in charge. Our oldest son is now serving a mission in Australia. We send our young sons and daughter out and know it is going to be a great experience, and we have found that the Lord blesses, guides and uses these young missionaries to do wonderful things that exceed our good expectations by a long ways.

You have a great son. Thank you for sharing him with us and our neighbors.

Love, T[...] & B[...] G[...]

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